Satisfaction Guarantee (rewrites) If you’re not 100% satisfied with the style, quality or context of your copy, neither are we. Simply contact us within 5 days of delivery and we will fix it for free before your ad is live. For small changes like Shop vs. Buy, or Get vs. Download, you can make those when copying into the platform of choice. It’s not like you’re breaking the law if you tweak it.

Sorry - our guarantee doesn’t cover conversion performance (see details below) or requests that change the scope of the original creative brief (like a change in style, objective, or target audience).

We do not guarantee ad approvals There is more to ad approval than ad copy and creative (images and videos). Targeting, ad account history, landing page destination, and other variables come into play. Since we don’t manage all of the variables, we cannot guarantee ad approval. For example, oftentimes a large number of prior rejections will trigger a red flag. While we always try to write within a platform’s compliance guidelines, we don’t own the platforms or make the decisions. If we did, all ads would be approved. Except for those sketchy MLM fat-burning magic (but not magic) pills 💊 I mean, come on.

We cannot guarantee ad performanceJust as a car dealer can't guarantee you won't smash your car into a tree when you drive it off the lot, we can't guarantee your ad performance due to the many variables around the ad copy itself. Some of those variables are:

Any of these can greatly impact ad performance.

What we do (and don’t design)Our team offers limited graphic and video products, including stock image selection for social media ads, semi-custom images for social media ads, and short customized videos for social media ads made using curated stock footage.

**Credits & Multi-packs (Does not apply to Monthly Plans)**Multi-pack ad orders must be used or redeemed within 6 months or 180 days of purchase date. If not, they may self-destruct or worse, sour like a container of old milk. These ads are non-transferable (but we never check) and may not be resold (but if you do we will write you out of our will). Upgraded services such as Videos, Images, RUSH, etc. may be added to any ad brief for an additional fee as stated during brief submission. Unused ad credits expire 180 days after purchase.

Subscription Plans

By signing up, you agree to allow us to charge subscription fees to any payment method you provide, on a recurring basis (per plan) until canceled. We will always try to charge the default card first. If you have a concern about a charge processed to a specific card, please work with our customer service team before working with your bank or credit card company to file a chargeback. A US$50 charge will be assessed for any chargebacks or fraud disputes settled in our favor.

Standard Plans

No Minimum, No Commitment.

We eliminated the minimum commitment for new monthly plans. That means clients can start a monthly plan at any time and cancel their plan anytime. Cancellations

Cancellations will be effective at the end of the current month/term. If you’d like to cancel your plan, to ensure you’re not charged for your next month of service, please contact our customer service team at least two business days before your next billing date. Plans will not be canceled without client confirmation. Refunds are not offered for clients who fail to request a cancellation before their charge is processed. Cancellations made/requested mid-month/term will be effective at month/term-end. Enterprise Plans may have different terms/conditions as will be stated in the Enterprise Plan Agreement.


Unused credits go away forever. Plans will not be canceled without client confirmation.